Counselling Services for Couples and Individuals

There are many reasons to seek counselling services – whether for yourself as an individual, or for your relationship. Our therapy team are specialist trained to help you with a range of issues, whether it is managing stress, coping with a trust breach and restoring connection or learning to communicate well. We also offer counselling services to help you with depression and anxiety, grief, loss and trauma.

Click on the links below to learn more about the various counselling services Relate Relationship Therapy offers. If you are in a relationship, you may want to read more about the online relationship course too. The course is designed to provide you with essential skills in communication and deepen your connection by helping you to de-escalate conflict and reduce stress.

Counselling Services


Check Your Relationship Health

With The Relationship Health Questionnaire

Find out how healthy your relationship is with this free questionnaire. All answers are completely confidential, however you may choose to email your results directly to your therapist.

The questionnaire gives you a powerful insight into where you are in your relationship and lets you see the areas for growth and improvement.

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Why is marriage so hard?

Steven tackles this question in 3 minutes or less​

Your task is not to find love, simply to remove the barriers that block its entry ~ Rumi

Appreciation – the love builder

This structured dialogue was modeled by Steven’s daughter’s as a spoof but has since turned to be a minor Youtube hit.

Counselling services Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make counselling work for me?

Counselling will work to the extent that you are prepared to show up and be yourself and then make some changes.

What you need from a relationship therapist or counselling service?
You need someone who is specifically trained in the areas you need help with. Check that your therapist is an expert and not a generalist, then make sure you trust them and that you have a sense of affinity with them. Often you can request a 5-10 minute phone conversation with a counsellor before seeing them to help you work out if they will be a fit.

How much do counselling services cost?

Steven’s individual sessions start at $225 for anhour and for couples counselling, his sessions start at $350 for an hour 20mins.

His longer sessions, such as the Relationship rescue sessions and the intensive relationship counselling sessions cost between $550 for 2 hours 20mins and $1850 for 8 hours.

See his availability here

When can I get an appointment for counselling?

Check out Steven’s calendar right now to work that out. If you need an urgent appointment and you can’t see an available service online, then email, phone or text us

Will counselling work for me?

That largely depends on you, however Steven has a high success rate when it comes to helping couples move out of distress and back into connection.

He specialises in working with couples who have had affairs, where there is a serious or catastrophic trust breach.  He has a track record of close to 80% where his clients, move from crisis to safety and reconnection. The process involves work on your part too. You will have new behaviours and methods of communication to practice between sessions and you will need to be honest with yourself and Steven, for him to really help you move forward.

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Could counselling services help us prepare for/survive parenthood?

Absolutely, unequivocally yes!

There are perhaps few things in life that are simultaneously as wonderful and terrifying as the impending arrival of a child.
Children come in many ways, an unexpected surprise, the result of years of waiting, IVF, adoption.
And every child is different and the bonds we form (or fail to form) will impact us all in different ways.

Unfortunately a common casualty of the parenting relationship is the couples relationship bond.  Sleep deprivation, differing parenting styles, financial challenges and lifestyle changes can all conspire to erode the love and intimacy connection between couples.  These factors conspire to lead to a divorce spike around the time children are 3-5 years of age.

However despite the uncertainty there are now literally decades of good quality research about how to  connect well with baby but more importantly to maintain and strengthen the parenting and couple connection.  In this area it is truly possible to have your cake and eat it.

This is an area close to the heart of most of our team – we love babies.

To book a session with Steven for antenatal coaching click here.

Check out the video below for a fascinating and useful video about babies language.

What if my partner doesn't want to come to counselling?

This is an extremely common situation as it reflects the very dynamic in most relationships – that there is one person who is a ‘pursuer’ and one that is an ‘avoider’. Don’t hear that as criticism or a problem, but  if you are the one seeking counselling services, try making a direct request to your partner to attend for your sake, e.g. “I know you are not keen to attend counselling, or don’t think we need counselling. I would really appreciate it if you would attend one session with me for my sake.”

If there is a particular problem you are seeking counselling for, and your partner is resistant to counselling, ask them, “How do you think we could resolve this?”A Then, agree to try their plan and ask them to support your plan of counselling as well.

What is unlikely to work is becoming angry or upset and threatening them, saying, “You need to get help!” Try to remember that your partner for the most part wants you to be happy is not refusing to spite or hurt you.

Do you offer counselling services to families/youth?

Not ususally as Steven is an couples expert. If you need help finding other counselling services, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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