Susan – Intern Level 1

Communication, Relationships, Trauma, Anxiety, Telehealth, Canberra

BA, PG HolCouns and Psychotherapy


Susan is a PACFA accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist, with a particular interest in supporting couple struggling with grief, loss, depression & anxiety  She also loves working with cross-cultural relationships.

Susan’s clients describe her as empathic, engaged and interested. With over 20 years experience in education she is a clear and engaging communicator.

Susan brings:

• A commitment to helping clients meet their healing goals
• Flexibility to adjust to clients’ individual needs and an openness to learn
• Cross cultural understanding and communication
• Grief, Loss and Trauma support and processing

Please note: Relate Relationship Therapy offers affordable counselling with Interns, who are qualified and experienced counsellors, training to become specialists in couples therapy. Prior to seeing couples, all interns have already completed two specialist models of couples’ therapy training and approximately 20 hours of observations and supervision. As the Interns progress through their training, their rate increases, from $40 to $100 for individual appointments and from $60 to $150 for couples appointments. The internship usually takes 12 -18 months, so these increases are likely to happen across several months, but within the first year of therapy.

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