Dr. Luke

Stress, Anxiety, Depression Management, Addiction

Dr Luke has spent the last 15 years exploring a wide range of well being approaches and healthy living approaches.  He has travelled the world exploring well being in different cultures and has a deep personal commitment to authentic and whole-hearted living. 

Luke is committed to  empowering you to live a more meaningful and  productive life.  His style is powerful, engaging and sensitive.

Luke works within the unique physical, mental, and emotional contexts of each individual, but pays particular attention to working through mental and emotional blocks that keep people from living a life full of health, vitality, and happiness.

Luke recently completed his Ph.D. examining the impact of mediation practices in addiction.  He is currently engage in training as a clinical psychologist and is a facilitator in the Compassionate Inquiry training with Dr. Gabor Mate.

Luke also utilises Somatic Therapy to address the mental, physical, and emotional health concerns that clients present with. He maintains a focus on the body because he sees the root causes of compulsive behaviours, trauma, depression & anxiety, and general discomfort with everyday life, exist within the framework of the body. ​Luke will assist you to understand that your body needs to process, integrate, and release hidden sources of tension so that self-destructive patterns can come to their natural end, and you can experience everyday life with less stress.

‘Mindfulness Enhanced’ – Luke also offers clients an intensive programme, titled ‘Mindfulness Enhanced’, which is a 6 hour package, costing $1000. If you are interested in booking, please email our practice manager for available times. This programme is offered online. Book Luke for Online Coaching