The Relate Internship Programme is designed to equip therapists with specialist skills in relationship counselling. Participants complete at least 2 specialist training modules in couples therapy, receive regular mentoring and fortnightly training and supervision. An essential part of the training is observing Steven Dromgool working with clients and implementing your new skills with clients, with his support.

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Who will the supervising therapist be?

Steven Dromgool is the supervising therapist who leads the training and supervision sessions and provides observation opportunities.

How long has the Relate Intern Programme been running?

4 years

Where is it?

Training is online, you see clients in your rooms.

Qualified or nearly qualified therapists, wanting to become experts in relationship and couples counselling, who:
  • Are at least in the final year of training with at least 100 hours of counselling experience
  • Are passionate about helping people in relationships and demonstrate a strong commitment to developing as a clinician 
  • Are prepared to grow and learn both personally and professionally and willing to attend scheduled trainings and supervisions
  • Want to be part of a team comprising both trainees and experienced therapist 

What is involved?
  • Fortnightly group supervision and mentoring sessions – Thursdays 12-1.30pm (Zoom) 
  • Co-counselling opportunities with Steven Dromgool – sit in and observe sessions
  • Attendance at the group training for Gottman Level 1 and PORT training
  • Counselling of couples with guidance and supervision

What is required?
  • Attendance at a minimum of 80% of training and supervision sessions
  • A strong commitment to stretch and grow as a counsellor 
  • Attendance at the group training
  • Adherence to the Relate Intern Agreement and ethical practice
  • Completion of required readings and trainings

What does it cost?

The Internship programme fee for 2020, including all training and supervision sessions, is: $1000 (Fees may be paid in two instalments prior to the training weekend).


Do I get paid to see clients?

Interns’ fees follow an ascending scale, depending on the level of the intern. Once an intern has achieved 50 hours of clinical experience seeing couples in the Relate Internship Programme, part of the fee for the session is remitted to the intern.

    1. Level 1 Intern – Individuals 1 hour $40, Couples 1.5 hour $60 – full fees remitted as training fee to Relate Internship Programme
    2. Level 2 Intern (50+ hours experience) – Individuals 1 hour $60, Couples 1.5 hour $90 – Marketing fees of $40 and $60 remitted to Relate Internship Programme respectively
    3. Level 3 Intern (100+ hours experience) – Individuals 1 hour $80, Couples 1.5 hour $120 – Marketing fees of $40 and $60 remitted to Relate Internship Programme respectively
    4. Level 4 Intern (150+ hours experience) – Individuals 1 hour $100, Couples 1.5 hour $150 – Marketing fees of $40 and $60 remitted to Relate Internship Programme respectively

What can you expect from being an Intern?
  • You can expect to build a client base and develop your practice considerably.
  • You can expect to be welcomed into a friendly, professional and passionate team.  
  • You can expect to work with a range of clients and therapists that require you to stretch and grow both personally and professionally.
  • You can expect to become part of a specialist team, learn about building a practice, self-care, professional development and more. 
  • You can expect our support for applying for professional membership.
  • You can expect to be able to work with couples knowing that you are competent and well-trained and have the reward of seeing your work get great results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Testimonial of our first Intern:

“The time I spent in the Relate Internship Programme has proved to be an incredibly valuable and rewarding experience. When I first started couples counselling, I did not know what I did not know! Steven has a passion for couples therapy, continues to intensively study the latest relationship counselling modalities and has a great ability to teach and freely pass on his knowledge.

I feel that my time in the Internship has granted me an unparalleled platform for counselling couples. I gained experience working with a variety of couples from different socio-economic backgrounds with various issues. The experience has led to incredible professional growth, learning and development.

Today, I feel more confident as a counsellor, having attained a greater understanding of relationship dynamics.”


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