Marriage and relationships can be extremely  wonderful and very challenging. The one thing we can guarantee is that at some time you will be in conflict with someone you love.  Why?  Because you are different people.

The difference between successful and disastrous relationships comes down to the ability to listen deeply and communicate respectfully.  This gives couples the opportunity to work together to resolve and overcome life’s challenges together.  They feel supported, loved and grateful.  Without good communication couples tend to feel alone, misunderstood and undercut.

Steven will sit with you and listen to how you communicate and coach you to build on your strengths and resolve your weaknesses

So how does it really work?

At the core of virtually all problems between couples is a breakdown in connection. Steven’s approach is to help couples read each other’s body language, facial expression, tone and learn how to listen very deeply for the meaning of what their partner is actually saying.

For most couples this is what they experienced when they first fell in love and it is what we were designed to experience in intimate relationship – connection, understanding and safety.

For most couples they will experience this sense of connection in a first session.  Learning how to solidify and maintain this connection takes about 8 -12 sessions for most couples who come into therapy with a shared commitment to the relationship.

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Benefits of Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling can be more than a great way to  reconnect with your partner. Other benefits include:

  • Live longer
  • Better Mental health
  • More Orgasms
  • Reduce Anxiety and Depression
  • Happier Kids and Grandkids
  • and the list goes

Steven sees being in a connected relationship as literally the most important thing we can invest in

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